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BC.1.01 - Business Continuity Plan

Control Statement

IllumiDesk's business continuity plan is reviewed, approved by management and communicated to relevant team members biannually.


A business continuity plan is an overall organizational program for achieving continuity of operations for business functions. Continuity planning addresses both information system restoration and implementation of alternative business processes when systems are compromised. The business continuity plan is a comprehensive runbook that can walk all IllumiDesk team-members through exactly what their individual responsibilities are, in the event of a disruption to IllumiDesk operations. This triggering event can be anything from a malicious breach of our systems to a global data center disruption. A business continuity plan is only effective if users can trust the accuracy of the information in the plan. The review cycle for a business continuity plan is designed to ensure all information in the plan is as up-to-date as possible.


The business continuity plan is comprehensive by nature and will impact all IllumiDesk stakeholders. The scope of IllumiDesk Business Continuity Plan will cover:
    BC plan for Illumidesk.com
    Processes and procedures that support business operations and above environments


    Business Operations owns this control.
    Infrastructure will provide implementation support for all of the above-mentioned sites. (.com, customers, license)


A comprehensive business continuity plan for IllumiDesk can be categorized into the following seven steps:
    Identify IllumiDesk's critical business functions
    Identify IllumiDesk's critical systems & its dependencies
    Identify the risks to the business
    Specify and confirm IllumiDesk data backup and recovery are working efficiently
    Document the functions, procedures, and key personnel, who should lead the effort during the disaster
    Prepare a detailed communication plan with all key players involved
    Test, assess, learn and improve the plan on an annual basis
Based on the above, IllumiDesk business continuity plan will have the team and departmental pieces that roll up into one comprehensive plan. Each team knows best, as to what steps are needed in the event of a disruption to operations. Hence this overall plan is really more of a collection of individual plans and the packaging of these individual plans together. The plan should include the following:
    The RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective) decided and approved by IllumiDesk management
    Documentation on critical business requirements, including backup plans, business contingency, and other related needs and logistics
    Procedure documentation detailing the high-level steps that addresses how to respond in the event of the most likely disaster scenarios
    Ensure backups are running and include an additional full local backup on all servers and data as part of the BCDR plan and test this annually
    Line of Communication and role assignments at each step. Document this list and make it readily available in times of need
    Vendor communication and service restoration plan of action
    Once we have a high-level plan we can push this out to teams and have them create team-level plans
    The consolidated plan to be reviewed, approved, and signed off by senior management
    DR test to be run annually, to ensure that the plan is working efficiently.

Additional control information and project tracking

Non-public information relating to this security control as well as links to the work associated with various phases of project work can be found in the Business Continuity Plan issue.

Policy Reference

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    SOC2 CC
    SOC2 Availability
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