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Security Controls
TRN.1.01 - General Security Awareness Training

Control Statement

All IllumiDesk team-members complete security awareness training, which includes updates about relevant policies and how to report security events to the authorized response team. Records of training completion are documented and retained for tracking purposes.


At IllumiDesk , we use internal training modules developed by the Security Operations team as IllumiDesk's security awareness training. In the past, security awareness training has only been a task associated with on-boarding as a new IllumiDesk team-member. As we adopt new compliance frameworks and work towards an audit certification of some of these frameworks, we will need to increase the cadence of this training. Security awareness training can be seen as a hassle and disruption from normal work, but these trainings can have real value not only to IllumiDesk as a company, but also to IllumiDesk team members in their personal lives. Taking the time to go through this training will ensure team members are up to date on security best practices which will help to minimize IllumiDesk's risk as a company.
  • Because this field changes so quickly, and because of our changing needs for compliance as a company, we now require all IllumiDesk team-members to complete this training at least every 12 months.


This control applies to all IllumiDesk team-members.


Control ownership:
  • People Operations
Process Owner:
  • People Operations
  • Security Operations
People Ops are responsible for deploying the process to ensure 100% of employee testing and validating that every IllumiDesk team member has completed training in the current year. Security Ops is consulted for the content and effectiveness of the control. All IllumiDesk team members are responsible for completing their security awareness training.

Additional control information and project tracking

Currently the security training is delivered through a recorded video and team member confirms acknowledgement in a form. The training is linked from onboarding issue template as part of the new hire tasks.
For audit evidence of compliance, we need to be able to demonstrate 100% completion of training by all team members.
Non-public information relating to this security control as well as links to the work associated with various phases of project work can be found in the General Security Awareness Training control issue.

Policy Reference

  • Handbook policy on Security Awareness Training

Framework Mapping

  • SOC2 CC
    • CC1.1
    • CC1.4
    • CC1.5
    • CC2.2
    • CC2.3