Security and Compliance
Security Controls
SDM.1.01 - System Documentation

Control Statement

IllumiDesk documents and publishes information about system boundaries and system components. Documentation is available and communicated to internal and external system users through the Employee Handbook.


This control formalizes the idea that we need to keep track of our production systems and maintain quality documentation for easy reference. Most of this control is naturally met by the emphasis we have on documentation, here at IllumiDesk . The remainder of this control is meant to ensure we are publishing any institutional knowledge about how systems interact and that we consider high-level system views as well as individual components. Testing of this control is to see if IllumiDesk has comprehensive document information about our systems and system components. We easily meet this requirement given the nature of our handbook and IllumiDesk's transparency.


This control applies to all IllumiDesk production systems.


  • Control owner: Compliance team
  • Process owner: N/A - All IllumiDesk Team Members contribute to the handbook and constantly maintain documentation of IllumiDesk systems and system components.


The most common form of system documentation is network and data flow diagrams.

Additional control information and project tracking

Non-public information relating to this security control as well as links to the work associated with various phases of project work can be found in the System Documentation control issue.

Policy Reference

  • Design & architecture
  • Monitoring/Performance
  • Engineering
  • Production/Test/Development
  • Back-up/recovery
  • Security
  • Compliance

Framework Mapping

  • SOC2 CC
    • CC2.3