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IllumiDesk Reference Architectures
IllumiDesk is a modular, highly scalable application, distributed in a variety of packaged formats. When properly configured, it can accommodate from ten, to hundreds of thousands of users.
It should be noted that our distribution provides a reliable service even on a single server without any special configuration. As your organization grows, however, IllumiDesk has the flexibility to expand according to your business needs.
For example:
  • Growth in headcount might mean you’ll need to allocate additional resources to your existing installation.
  • You may have strict uptime requirements which call for High Availability (HA) solutions and/or zero-downtime upgrades.
  • Expanding into new geographical regions means that your teams need performant access to IllumiDesk.
  • Your business may require plans for quick restoration of service in the case of a disaster.
All solutions come with a trade-off between cost/complexity and uptime. An increase in complexity requires domain knowledge to successfully set up and maintain. With this in mind, you should thoroughly analyze the benefits of a highly available solution against its costs. It is important that you always choose something that you have experience with. A badly implemented HA solution can cause more downtime than it solves.
Properly configured, IllumiDesk can address all of the above cases.
For technical implementation details, see our reference architectures documentation.

Please get in touch

Helping you choose the configuration that is right for your business is something we take very seriously at IllumiDesk. The information we provide here is a rough guide designed to help you get a feel for the required resources and expertise required to scale IllumiDesk appropriately. When it comes to your specific situation, we prefer to assess it in its context. We strongly suggest you get in touch with us before setting it up. If you have any questions please contact us.
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